About the National SFP Council of Ireland

“The National SFP Council of Ireland is a nationally representative body of multi-agency SFP Site Coordinators /Managers /Trainers established in consultation and agreement with Henry Whiteside, (formerly LutraGroup) to collectively foster and develop a pool a SFP expertise in Ireland.” A list of members can be found here.

The Council was established in 2012, following the first National SFP Conference held in Dublin by Ballymun Local Drugs & Alcohol Task Force. At the initial meeting, a number of representatives from SFP sites joined BLDATF and LutraGroup USA to consider a joined up thinking approach to the ever-expanding implementation of SFP in Ireland. Recognising that just like SFP in our communities, we were stronger together than apart, it was agreed that there was a need for inter-regional collaboration, advocacy and the promotion of quality standards and fidelity to the best extent possible in order to progress SFP in Ireland. With that, it was further agreed to establish a Council which would work together to identify gaps, share learning and resources in the hope of helping to standardise and develop the implementation nationwide. Just like SFP

The Council has since evolved to include members from all 4 provinces and has adapted the SFP Training for Irish audiences; developed an information website for professionals and families; collating good practice recommendations; advocating for formal national support and funding of SFP family based prevention; and reviewing evaluation models. See our terms of reference for further information on what we do.

We endeavor to support the development of SFP in Ireland under the principles of interagency cooperation & practice. The NSFPC is a not-for-profit initiative and will strive to support areas to develop and plan SFP in their local sites, based on learning and shared practice; and support the Irish development on a national level through research, training, and advocacy.

Please feel free to contact us with any further queries.