Building Capacity – Train the Trainer

The National SFP Council of Ireland recognises the need for ongoing sustainability of the Strengthening Families Programme across the country. Through our interagency ethos, it is our vision that communities who are currently implementing, or intend to implement SFP should have reasonable access to SFP Trainings, and where possible, supported to build their own training resources.

The recommendations from the USA developers, encourages at a minimum, the following guidelines:

  1. Complete the SFP 2 day training.
  2. Get involved in at least 2 SFP implementations as a facilitator/Site Coordinator.
  3. Train up with a current NSFPC recognised Master/Trainer (listed here):
    • Start with agreed small elements of the training.
    • Co-deliver the training three times, building each time,  to deliver one-half of the presentation.
    • Ongoing review with the assigned trainer.

To ensure ongoing sustainability, trainings are cost – effective (ie only expenses such as travel) will be requested by NSFPC Trainers. However, communities receiving training from the NSFPC will be requested to operate in an interagency capacity within their own communities (support and guidance can be given on this), and engage with NSFPC on evaluations or requests for non-sensitive information.

New NSFPC Trainers will become part of a national panel of SFP Trainers, and may be asked to co-deliver further interagency trainings.