National SFP Council welcomes Dr Karol Kumpfer & Henry Whiteside

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SFP National Council with Dr Karol Kumpfer & Henry Whiteside, July 1st 2016

The National SFP Council of Ireland hosted a visit by Dr. Karol Kumpfer and Henry Whiteside on Friday (July 1st 16) last in Ballymun. Members of the SFP National Council came  together from all parts of Ireland to exchange information on their local implementations of the Strengthening Families Programme in their areas and also to hear of latest developments and learning internationally.


The Strengthening Families Programme was developed in the USA by Dr. Karol Kumpfer and associates at the University of Utah, in 1982.  SFP is now operating in 36 countries worldwide and has been culturally adapted to suit many populations and age ranges and has also been translated into different languages. The Council members implement the 14 week SFP evidence based family skills programme that involves the whole family (parents and teens/children) in three classes run on the same night once a week. SFP has been found to significantly reduce multiple risk factors for later alcohol and drug use, mental health problems and criminal behaviour by increasing family strengths, teens /children’s social competencies and improving positive parenting skills.


For further information on Strengthening Families Programme and/or to find contact details in relation to a programme in your area; please visit

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